We are the one and only WEST ISLAND KARATE ® (please be careful - there are other martial arts schools who use our name when advertising, but "West Island Karate" is a registered trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office).  It was founded by Sensei John Kalaidopoulos (4th Dan) in 1997.  We have two schools to serve you.  Our dojo in Beaconsfield is located in Maison Sutton on St-Charles Boulevard.  Our second dojo is called Karaté De L'Île and is located on Boulevard Perrot in Ile-Perrot.

West Island Karate's long-standing reputation for excellence is well known throughout the Montreal area and we were recently featured on Breakfast Television.  As you'll see from the video below, it was a fun morning. :-)

We teach traditional Kyokushin Karate to kids, teens and adults in a safe, friendly, family-oriented environment with an emphasis on technique, physical fitness, and the building of the mind and spirit.  While always having fun and being challenged, our students learn much more than a respected martial art and self-defense.  They also learn many invaluable lessons which can be applied to every aspect of their lives, now and in the future.  They gain a sense of RESPECT for others (and themselves).  They embrace values such as COURTESY and DISCIPLINE (which are so important these days).  Their CONFIDENCE and ability to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE grow immensely, which in turn helps our students succeed outside the dojo (in the classroom or at the office for example).  At West Island Karate, our students quickly learn that hard work and PERSEVERANCE help them achieve their goals and are also their own reward.  We are confident that with our expertise, patience and support, we can help you and/or your child reach your goals.  Most importantly, West Island Karate is a FAMILY.  In fact, many of our students and parents think of everyone at West Island Karate as their "extended family".  That's a cherished compliment in which we take great pride.  We will always continue striving to earn your trust in us.

You can join West Island Karate at ANYTIME throughout the year.  Just drop by one of our dojos for a FREE TRIAL LESSON (check our schedule for appropriate times).  You can give Sensei John a call at 514-426-5847 or email him at sensei@westislandkarate.com.  All of our assistant instructors are also very qualified ADULTS with many years of experience.  For more information, please have a look around our website, our Facebook group and/or our YouTube channel.  All of these sources feature many photos and videos of our students in action.  Enjoy.