If you thought dojo parties were boring, think again. :-)  The photos above from last year's Karaoke Holiday Party tell the story (click on them and login to Facebook to see more photos from last year's party).  As Sensei John always says, Kyokushin Karate is about training hard AND partying hard. :-)  So come celebrate another incredible year at WIK/KDL with your dojo family at our annual KARAOKE HOLIDAY PARTY.  WIK/KDL students, parents, friends...EVERYONE is welcome!  This year it will be held at the Ecclestone Chalet in Kirkland (just 15 mins from Karaté de L'Île).  Please don't let this short drive discourage you from attending...it's going to be SO MUCH FUN!

As always, we'll have big stage lights, several microphones and a TON of songs to choose from (over 1300 and counting).  You can take a turn on stage or just sit back and enjoy the show (parents, don't forget to bring your cameras/videocameras...the kids are SO cute when they sing :-)).  Of course, there is also a delicious potluck supper (please use the sign-up sheet in the dojo to list what you will be bringing...thank you).  Come and find out what Sensei John and the Sempais will sing this year (yes, they sing...or at least they TRY :-D)!  Our Karaoke Holiday Party has become the one WIK/KDL tradition that our students and their families and friends look forward to the most all year, so don't miss it!  Wonderful people, awesome food, great music, incredible singing, dancing and maybe a surprise or two...IT'S GOING TO BE ONE CRAZY PARTY!

Click here to see last year's list of English and French songs.  More songs are being added everyday.  If you have any song suggestions, please click here to email Sempai Mike at mike@westislandkarate.com and he will do his best to find karaoke versions.  Start practising! :-)

Date:   Saturday, Dec. 12th, 4:00 pm - 12:00 am
Place:  Ecclestone Chalet
           130 Argyle, Kirkland (just 15 mins from Karaté de L'Île)
Cost:   $10/person or $25 max/family (paid at the door)