Thank you so much to the Shihans, Senseis, Sempais, students and all of their parents and friends for supporting the 2015 West Island Karate Championships.  We were extremely pleased to see so many different dojos from a wide variety of Kyokushin organizations come together to help provide a positive experience for all involved.  To nobody's surprise, the quality of the kata and kumite was impressive.  It was an invaluable learning experience for all the kids and very engaging for the spectators.  Many thanks to all the Senseis and Sempais who volunteered their time and energy to provide high-quality refereeing once again this year, and most importantly, for keeping our kumite competitors safe.  In particular, a big thank you goes out to our good friend, Sensei Hugo Perez, for overseeing the refereeing and sharing his expertise in this area with us.  Finally, many many thanks to our tireless team of volunteers - we literally could not have done this without you!  Next year will be the 15th edition of our humble tournament (wow...time flies).  Sensei John would like to thank you all again for your support.  We look forward to seeing you next year at the 2016 West Island Karate Championships.  OSU!